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[5426] News sites

投稿者: 117maiko 投稿日:2018年 7月31日(火)09時39分20秒  通報   返信・引用

I want to keep checking out CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. BBC includes short video so, I can understand the news easily.
In this class, I learned that it is important to compare the two more sites to recognize which information is correct. So, I will keep checling this three sites.
If I use online websites, I can check the news which occur in the world any time.

[5398] Home Sharing

投稿者: 098mari 投稿日:2018年 7月 5日(木)01時52分26秒 opt-122-248-68-254.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I think home sharing with an elderly is a good thing.Because you can not only hear his or her experiences but also get wisdom in a life.And Japan is in aging society now.So if you live with an elderly,lonely death will decrease.

[5397] Home Sharing

投稿者: 098mari 投稿日:2018年 7月 5日(木)01時47分37秒 opt-122-248-68-254.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I think home sharing with an elderly is good thing.Because you can not only hear their experiences but also get wisdom in a life.And now,aging society in Japan.So if you live with an elderly,lonely death will decrease.

[5371] (無題)

投稿者: 036 Kawai 投稿日:2018年 7月 2日(月)12時40分27秒 sp49-98-86-8.mse.spmode.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I don't think homeshare is good. If we do homeshare, we lost time which one of ours have. So we cannot do to want.

[5368] (無題)

投稿者: 207_haruto 投稿日:2018年 7月 2日(月)12時14分14秒 sp49-98-46-196.mse.spmode.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I think homesharing is very good.
Because homesharing is making friendship.


投稿者: 117maiko 投稿日:2018年 6月 5日(火)10時16分57秒  通報   返信・引用

I was interested in this article.
This article said about "These Are The Hottest Baby Names In Australia".
I found that top 10 names include the Royal Family's name.
The Royal Family affects in the world.


[5251] (無題)

投稿者: 316-sakuma 投稿日:2018年 6月 4日(月)10時03分39秒 KD182251004029.au-net.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I agree with  McGonigal because games is great way to relieve stress.And it make us good health.

[5175] (無題)

投稿者: 001manami 投稿日:2018年 5月17日(木)08時29分50秒 opt-183-176-138-204.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

II think that the gap between the rich and the poor is not unfair.In democratic country,of corse, there is a income desparity.But, we should not regret such poor people.

[5171] (無題)

投稿者: 425kayo 投稿日:2018年 5月16日(水)22時41分4秒 pw126245077133.16.panda-world.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I think that it’s fair that talented and hard working people should earn a lot of money. If all people receive same money, people don’t have motivation. Moderate gap let them try their best.
However great gap isn’t good. I feel sad that there are people who suffer from poverty.
I believe that we make an upper limit of gap.

[5101] (無題)

投稿者: 508 rin 投稿日:2018年 5月13日(日)17時48分17秒 pw126245215126.16.panda-world.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

Because the thing that is unequal in the present society is a commonplace, it is natural that there is inequity in Amazon.

[5092] (無題)

投稿者: 255-Takuya 投稿日:2018年 5月13日(日)13時14分42秒 opt-122-248-78-243.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I think it natural that the rich get richer. However,I don't think it natural that you have the gap between rich and poor when you are born.

[5069] (無題)

投稿者: 086maho 投稿日:2018年 5月 8日(火)08時47分14秒  通報   返信・引用   編集済

i choose this article about Lebanon's election.
i was really surprised at the "first election in nine years".
i felt the importance of the jernalism,because we never know the truth without it.

[5047] News Value

投稿者: 083RINA 投稿日:2018年 5月 5日(土)18時04分5秒 opt-133-123-6-145.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

  I studied Galtung and Ruge's criteria of news values,
there are as many informations as there are people that
receive the information.
I'm concerned with recent news that the  joint team of Korean and North Korean girls with table tennis got into
the game with Japan on May 4th.
Japan won the game in spite of the inequality.
ITTF president sayd about  this combired teams,″It goes
beyond the rules of play, and become the start peaceful world ″.
An announcement saying,″Neither north nor south, we are Korea″ in venue.

[5031] It's important to staart doing something.

投稿者: 001manami 投稿日:2018年 4月26日(木)07時27分4秒 opt-183-176-138-204.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

When I go shopping,I'll try to use my reusable bag instead of using a plastic bag.Global worming is not jst a simple problem.It leads to many kind of environmental problem.So,we should staart doing small things.

[5025] To save the world

投稿者: 891nanako 投稿日:2018年 4月25日(水)23時19分36秒 p288127-ipngn200210tokusinwcc.tokushima.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I think that the global warming is proceeding.
I always use the water bottle instead of buying PET bottles.
Then,The global warming will improve.

[5015] What do you practice in order to reduce carbon emissions ?

投稿者: 101yui 投稿日:2018年 4月25日(水)19時43分57秒 softbank126003036161.bbtec.net  通報   返信・引用

When I go shopping, I try to take my bag and not to use plastic bags.
I also try to reduce the number of running the laundry maschine as much as possible.


投稿者: 492 katsu 投稿日:2018年 4月23日(月)11時01分31秒 i114-188-26-131.s41.a036.ap.plala.or.jp  通報   返信・引用

I save electricity and water. For example, I turn off the TV and the light when I leave my house.
In the future, I want to reduce waste and save resouces.

[4963] What did you think of the actions by the people of Ashton Hayes?

投稿者: 091daichi  投稿日:2018年 4月22日(日)20時11分28秒 M111108021086.v4.enabler.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I was surprised at the quickness of their actions because ordinary people don't like to accept new practices rapidly. I thought we needed to take active attitudes like them in order to reduce carbon emissions.

[4957] What do you practice in order to reduce carbon emissions?

投稿者: 376nakai 投稿日:2018年 4月22日(日)16時23分5秒 opt-210-142-253-173.client.pikara.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I try not to use ear conditioner in order to reduce carbon emissions. I have not been do it for 4 months .

[4948] What do you practice in order to reduse carbon emissions?

投稿者: 460 yuuma 投稿日:2018年 4月22日(日)10時37分42秒 p277229-ipngn200209tokusinwcc.tokushima.ocn.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用   編集済

We should change from using carbon to another elemental.
For example H2.  It is important to reduse CO2.


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